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Recent projects


Astute Class Submarine Training System

Avalona Software Services are currently involved with the supply and design of a virtual reality based maintenance trainer for the Astute Class Submarine Training Service.


This project involves initial design to acceptance by the customer.

This program uses the tools Unreal Engine, Visual Studio, C++ and VBA.  Automatic code and data generation design.

Image:  by LA(Phot) Will Haigh

Airbus A400M Military Transport Aircraft Simulators

This project involved the commissioning of A400M military aircraft simulators with new host hardware for Airbus.

This project used real-time software design and integration with UNIX and C software tools.

Image: Thales Aerospace Blog


HMS Queen Elizabeth Carrier Control Panel Trainer

This project involved the integration of simulated electrical generator control panels (touch screens) into an existing ship software model and ship control system, for a classroom trainer for the Royal Navy.


Designed using proprietary OOD real-time design tools suite: L3 Orchid, Visual Studio 2018,  C++ and Intel Visual Fortran and built to run on ESXi servers in a full VMware environment and MSSQL Databases.

Image: left and on home page QEC By PO PHOT Dave Jenkins

warrior opv.jpg

Tank Simulator: Host Computer Upgrade

This project involved the upgrade  of various tank simulators and trainers for the British Army.

Avalona Software Services were involved in all phases of the project: Bid, design, prototyping, hardware definition, coding, testing, integration, installation, acceptance and snag clearance.


This project  was successfully delivered to the British army who are currently still training with these simulators.

Image by Daniel Eledut

Airbus A380  Fuel System Test Rig

This  was an A380 Fuel System Model Test Rig Project. 


This project involved the design, test and integration of  a software test rig for the A380 Fuel System model at Airbus UK Filton, Bristol.

Systems used included AFDX (ARINC 664), GNU, C, CVS, Excel, VBA, Ethernet. MATLAB and SIMULINK.

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